Mystique Madhura exchange and Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at Mystique Madhura. We are grateful that you have visited our site and made your purchase. At we believe in creating a great online shopping experience.We aim to provide you with a simple hassle-free online shopping experience and would be happy if you spent a few minutes reading our extremely convenient online sale, exchange and refund policy.

Return is possible when:

  • You get in touch within seven days of purchasing your item. Certain products are clearly designated as ‘No Return products’ and they will not be accepted unless there is a tear or clear damage during the parceling.
  • The mystique must receive and approve your return request. Once your request is received and approved, we will arrange for a return pick or a return procedure that is acceptable.
  • The decision of the mystiquemadhura Online team is final in matters of return. However, rest assured, we are committed to having happy customers and will do everything we can to make shopping with us a satisfying experience